07 October 2014

Stylish Kiminos

jeans: forever 21/ kimono: c/o OASAP

I love kimonos! Not only are they stylish and comfy, but they can be worn in just about any season, depending on the material that they are made out of. Last year, I received another kimono from OASAP, except it was made with more of a sweater material. It was perfect for those chilly, crisp fall nights and even perfect paired with another sweater or turtleneck for winter. This particular one that I'm wearing, I plan on wearing it until it gets colder, which the temperatures have already dropped significantly (I'm not complaining though). I definitely will bring this out back in springtime and summertime next year. Kimonos are once again here to stay!!

09 September 2014

Passion is a Beautiful Thing


It's that time again for my monthly goals. I had written this list about a week ago, but never found the will to post it. It's not the content of the post, but just the whole blogging thing in general. I still find it weird that for the past five years, I had been blogging consistently (almost everyday or at least every other day). Now, that it is has hit 2014, my blogging has took a nosedive (I noticed that it really started in April). As much as I want to remember my memories and whatnot, I don't have the desire to put it all out there, you know? I don't feel compelled or that I have to tell my blog, like I once did. Like I said before, I'll be here when I can. If I blog, I blog and if I don't, it isn't the end of the world. 


Let's see if I can remember what all happened in August:
-I had a photoshoot with two different looks (one was more pretty rocker and the other was "Dia de los Muertos" with a sugar skull)
-I second shot a wedding and covered the reception.
-I watched some live webinars.
-I assisted a photographer on one of their photoshoots.
-Photographed a few children.
-I photographed a fashion show.
-I had a few photoshoots but had to reschedule.
-I decided not to go to the photoshoot that was in Newport at the Thompson House (which was haunted).
-On August 6, one of my photos was on page ONE of POPULAR images in the FASHION category on 500px. Scores are based on likes and favorites. The higher and higher score you have, the less the likes and favorites are worth (so you would need even more and more to keep raising your score). You can see the post about that; here.
-I had a fangirl moment... Laura from America's Next Top Model and ANTM All-Stars liked and commented on one of my images (same post as above; here).

This happened in September so far:
-I have a new iMac!!
-I am in the beginning stages of my office. It's clean and everything, but now I just have to decorate it. I already have a plan mapped out, but it might be awhile, since I'm doing it piece by piece, instead of all at once.


Coming this week, (you may have seen me announce it on instagram), but I'm one of the photographers at Scarefest Con. Hello, media pass. Scarefest Con is the largest horror and paranormal convention in the United States. I'll be able to go to the "Black Carpet" and have the chance to take pictures and interview the stars. I'll be sharing the carpet with the other media, so hopefully I will get the chance to get something good!!

With photography, especially if you work in fashion photography, networking plays a huge part. In fact, it is essential. It's all about who you know (just like in life). People I know have been doing photography for 1-3 years and have huge sponsors and has worked on national campaigns. Fashion is all they do. Obviously that isn't the norm, but it does and can happen. I'm not saying that it will happen for me or I want it to happen. I mean, it would be cool. I guess what I'm saying is, if it does happen, I'll be ecstatic. If it doesn't, I won't be disappointed and will keep on doing what I'm doing (photography that is).

I'm still going to do fashion, because it is my passion and I like being fashionable and collaborations and styled shoots are always fun. Plus, it is so great shooting editorials with magazines in mind and being published. It's an awesome feeling., Regardless of what type of portrait session that I shoot (maternity, seniors, family, etc), there will always be a fashion flair to the images. I am not going to have someone show up in the cliche jeans and white shirt or just some random t-shirt with some sayings on it. Booooring. My job is to make everyone look their best, and that's what I intend to do.


Personal and Blogging August Goals (I'm going to only do these for the remainder of the month)

1. Do two OOTD posts. I just combined it into one post.
2. Blog about 8 times on EHFAR. I only blogged four times. Oops.
3. Get whatever the recall on my SUV was taken care of.
4. Grill out again on our patio. It seems like almost every weekend has been rainy. We were finally able to grill out, but we couldn't sit outside due to our patio being wet.
5. Try two new hairstyles.

Photography August Goals (I'm going to only do these for the remainder of the month)

1. Do three MORE photoshoots. Almost. Had to reschedule due to the weather.
2. Clean the entirety of the office out. It's in the process.
3. Put my desk together when it comes in. 
5. Blog these sessions (Military wives, LFNO, Colorful Downtown Lex, and Boho shoot) I've blogged all of these except two, and I still have a few more sessions that I've yet to blog.
6. Edit photos from all my latest sessions.
7. Make a new purchase. Eek!! I've had my trusty Macbook for the past 5.5 years, and sadly it is on its last leg of its life. My husband just bought me an iMac. Squeel!! It will be so much better for editing and just for general use.
8. Post the boudoir session and the session that I did last week (have to keep the theme secret) on FB.
9. Rearrange my website and make minor tweaks.
10. Watch 1-2 live webinars.
11. Pick out what images that I want on my newest business cards. It might be a few months before I'll purchase them. I may wait until January, because I still have so many of my current ones.
12. Make a plan for September. I have a lot to look forward to this month!!


Personal and Blogging September Goals 

1. Blog about 8 times on EHFAR.
2. Get whatever the recall on my SUV was taken care of.
3. Go on a date with the husband to that local seafood restaurant that is supposed to be the best.
4. Drink 1-3 bottles of water using the bottle that Bluehost sent me.
5. Moisture my face every night.
6. Finish cleaning out my office.
7. Make a headboard for the master bedroom (the one that I have won't fit).
8. Make chicken and waffles. 
9. Rearrange the master bedroom.
10. Organize the closets in the bedroom again and get rid of stuff that I no longer want/wear/too small or big.

Photography September Goals 

1. Submit to 2-5 magazines. (So far, I've submitted to one this month).
2. Finish blogging all of my recent sessions.
3. Photograph another fashion show.
4. Go to a networking meeting.
5. Attend the "workshop" we all have been planning to do.
6. Do a photoshoot with my film camera.
7. Do three photoshoots.
8. Finish cleaning my office.
9. Make a list of purchases for my office in order of importance.
10. Organize my external drives. 
11. Take another self-portrait.
12. Attend Scarefest Con as a photographer.
13. Get a bookcase for my office.
14. Take more photos for myself (my husband, dogs, me, etc).
15. Get published again.

What are you planning on doing in September?

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02 September 2014

"I'd Rather Wear Flowers in My Hair than Diamonds Around My Neck"

top: c/o OASAP
top: c/o OASAP (wearing yellow) available in 14 colors
skirt: c/o OASAP (wearing navy blue) available in 8 colors
necklace: large j. crew bubble necklace (groopdealz)
flower crown: rue 21

I hardly ever wear dresses or skirts, even though I have hundreds hanging in my closet and that's after still giving away about hundred. HAHA!! I'm really digging the bohemian look and figured this skirt would be perfect, because it fits into that style and is sort of the same feel as a maxi dress. The whole boho look wouldn't be complete without braids and a flower crown.

19 August 2014

Radiating Positive Vibes is Essential to Life


Positive thoughts and prayer go a long way.

I always pride myself for seeing the positive in every situation. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I've never been one to constantly be negative about a situation. If something is done and cannot be changed, then wasting energy on it isn't productive. It most certainly doesn't change the outcome.

I was getting frustrated with the whole marketing side of my businesses, but then I realized that I honestly had been doing very little and what I was doing was very passive. After all, running a photography business is 80% business and marketing and 20% actual photography. I cranked out the images from February to June, but not nearly as much as I should or could have done. Starting in June, I stepped up my game even more. I put myself out there EVEN MORE, networked EVEN MORE, had EVEN MORE sessions that I had before, etc.

I still wanted more. I wanted my business to grow and grow.

I had the opportunity to do another photography job in additional to my business and I got it. Long story short, it didn't work out like I had planned. I was bummed at the loss of that income, but at the same time, I saw that fail as a positive. When one door closes another opens, and I truly believe that. I then worked more and more on different concepts and have upcoming events that I'm a part of (hello, media pass!). In addition to that, EVEN MORE connections and opportunities. I always networked, but I kept it up and made it a point to introduce myself to people that I don't know. By working in photography and in fashion, it is just a given that you will meet people. It happens. Working with fashion definitely has its perks, because you have access to wonderful people with different skillset; models, makeup artists, hair stylists, stylists, other photographers, etc. All of these people work as a team. They also can help collaborate with you or work with you on an upcoming project or session (i.e. hire a MUA for a boudoir session or bridal session, hire a stylist for an editorial shoot, refer a shoot to another photographer because you're unable to, etc).

While I was still being frustrated, I thought long and hard about everything (I NEVER thought of quitting). I tried to keep positive and prayed for a sign. While I was out of a photoshoot, I had people notice me and they came up to me. When I was finished, they asked about me being photographer and gave them a couple of cards.

A little bit after that I received an inquiry about photographing a wedding. I then become even more sad, because I had originally not planned to do weddings. I photographed a wedding about two years ago, but that's it (I ended up quitting photography that same year; 2012 and didn't pick it back up until February 2014). My husband couldn't understand why that I didn't want to, since I did a good job on the one I did. After talking about it with a few other people (mostly people that I never met, but know from a secret worldwide photographer FB group), I decided that I should. I NEVER said that I didn't want to, I just hadn't planned on doing them. Instead of taking weddings on by myself immediately (which it won't be some time before I feel comfortable with doing that), I'm going to second shoot.

Well, on Saturday night, I got the opportunity to second shoot a wedding for my portfolio and cover a reception by myself. Yay :-)

So, here I am with another part of my business that I plan on growing over time. I'm so happy with how things are going. All that you did to do is to be proactive, good at what you do, and be positive. Things will work out :-)


On August 6: I know that it isn't or won't be a big deal to some, but it's a big deal to me!! Yesterday on 500px, my image of Kym appeared on page ONE of POPULAR images in the fashion category (Scores are based on favorites and likes. The higher and higher your score, the more and more likes and favorites you need to move your score up, since they are worth "less" at higher numbers). Nevertheless, I think that's pretty cool, especially since this is one of my favorite images from her photoshoot and one of my favorites that I've taken.

Another cool moment? Laura from America's Next Top Model and America's Next Top Model All-Stars commented and liked one of my images that I took of a model (the model knows Laura and she had attended her workshop). Excuse me, while I fangirled out, because I did.

These next two weeks are going to be extremely busy; editing images, finishing updating my website (tweaking the design again), catching up blogging my sessions, cleaning out the room that will be my office, preparing for my upcoming sessions, etc. 

Until next time...

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18 August 2014

A "Real Life" Purge? HAHA!!

Last week, Louisville made nationwide news (maybe in worldwide) for "having" a "purge" on Friday night from 8pm to 6:30pm. It started on social media, which led to the media picking up on it and it spread like wildfire. Since it was so widespread and due to the nature of it, police took it seriously, because you just never know if someone would try to really start something.

There has been reports in several other states of it "happening" there. When I say that it is "happening," I mean that someone created a fake poster.

So, I did what anyone else would do on that night... listen to the police scanner via the Radio 5-0 app to see what "might" be going down. At one point, over 86,000 people were listening in and that was just on the app.

I've seen several people on social media saying people are so stupid for believing it and that if you commit a crime that you will go to jail. Ummm... no shit sherlock. Everyone KNOWS that crime IS still illegal and that the government did NOT make it legal to do so like in the movie. No one thought that movie was coming true. I mean, c'mon. Seriously? Crime is still illegal. Duh.

However, a local teenager DID create a poster as a joke. Just because people talk about what happened on the police scanner doesn't mean they believe it actually happened. People are just repeating what they heard. I'm pretty sure that we all know the difference between reality and make-believe (i.e. like a giraffe was NOT freed from the Louisville Zoo). If something really big happened related to that night's shenanigans, I'm pretty sure we would find out. We aren't that freakin' stupid. When you have something that caused such widespread panic, due to the media, it's hard to decipher what calls were real and fake. It did sound crazy and scary based on the calls alone (along with some that were quite humourous). Coming from a psychology background (bachelor's in Psych and master's in Counseling), it's pretty common sense to know about "mob mentality" and large groups and what "has the potential to happen." Better safe than sorry.

There were "reports" of:  (a lot turned out to be unfounded and basically prank calls)

-Tons of people in masks
-Tons of gunshots
-Tons of people with machetes
-Tons of people with knives.
-Threat to burn down the Kroger.
-People knocking on doors are saying, "Are you ready?" and We're Coming."
-Threats to Little Caesars.
-Home invasions.
-etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

The "highlights" of the night: (a lot turned out to be unfounded and basically prank calls)

-A giraffe from the Louisville zoo was freed (FYI: It wasn't).
-A shirtless man was holding a car and apparently had raped it??
-A man stole beer AND pickles! PICKLES!
-A man in a spiderman costume was blocking traffic.

"The Louisville Purge" was so popular that #louisvillepurge and #louisvillepolicescanner was trending. Even the 5-0 Radio app (police scanner) was the number three most downloaded app in the iTunes store.

It was still entertaining but crazy at the same time. Yes, it would be crazy if the stuff being reported actually happened. On a positive note, the police did a great job handling all of the calls; real or fake (because obviously there were real calls mixed in with the prank calls). Either way, it was a pretty interesting Friday night.

By the way, The Purge is a HORRIBLE movie. I haven't seen the second one, because I hated the first one. You can check out my review of it, when it first came out; here.
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